Our printing company

Our printing company

We are Brezo Textiles & Giveaways, a textile printing company located in the beautiful city of Kampen (Netherlands) with an unparalleled passion for printing and embroidering textiles and promotional items. With a team of over 50 specialists, we work tirelessly every day on a wide variety of printing projects. Our reputation as a specialist is built on more than 30 years of experience and countless satisfied customers both domestically and internationally. Whether you are an individual looking for unique personalized hoodies, a company in need of professional workwear, or an organization seeking promotional items such as pens and notebooks, Brezo Textiles & Giveaways is your go-to partner! We also frequently assist budding entrepreneurs in establishing their own fashion labels. At Brezo, we believe that knowledge is meant to be shared.

Our labels

Through various webshops, we serve both B2B and B2C customers throughout Europe. Our main brands in Europe are:

“We are Shirts-bedrukken.nl, specialists in textile printing and embroidery. What do we base that on? Well, among other things, on more than 25 years of experience and (many) satisfied customers. No challenge is too big or too small; both individuals and businesses, associations, and organizations are welcome with us. We also regularly assist startup entrepreneurs in setting up their own fashion label. After all, knowledge is meant to be shared.”

Our label Shirts-bedrukken.nl

“Although the name Pennendrukkerij.nl might suggest otherwise, our offering includes much more than just pens. With our wide range of pens, pencils, and notebooks, you can easily write your success story. With our office supplies, you can ensure an organized business, and with our customizable promotional gifts, you can take that extra step with your company. Upload your logo, text, or image and place your order. We do the rest!”

Our label Pennendrukkerij.nl

“As a nationwide platform for personalized clothing and accessories, Digitransfer.com has been the go-to place for over 20 years for anyone who wants to have their creative outbursts printed on textiles. We highly value artistic freedom, whether with your own designs or those of our designers. T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, bags, aprons, and much more can be easily personalized with logos, text, and images.”

Unsere Label Digitransfer.com

Our printing techniques

At our fully equipped production facility in Kampen (Netherlands), we print textiles and promotional products using the following printing techniques: screen printing, embroidery, transfer printing, DTF printing, UV printing, sublimation, and engraving. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of material, design, and desired quality.